About us

Dear Reader!

It’s our great pleasure that we can present you the Gate to Europe EGTC area. The territorial cooperation setting up process duration took several months and the process was finalized in May 2012. The Gate to Europe EGTC is an international legal entity body.

The founding members are the local authorities of Nyíradony, Derecske, Hajdúhadház, Újfehértó(Hungary) and Săcueni, Valea lui Mihai, Cherechiu and Carei (Romania). The territory of EGTC has many economic and touristic possibilities. The EGTC can use these resources together with the partner public institutions, with civil organizations and private bodies with the aim of establishing joint development projects that can assure the region entire upswing in the social and economic fields.

After the establishment started the extension and in this way the total number of the partners are 36 local authorities. The key password of the development that represents also our organization’s motto, is: „Together – without borders!”.

I hope that all the readers of this website to visit the territories of Gate to Europe EGTC.

Yours sincerely,

László Tasó
Gate to Europe EGTC President

Welcome to our website!

It was a great honour for me when the founders of Gate to Europe EGTC decided to offer me the coordination in expertise field of EGTC in May 2012. It’s joying and in the same time it’s challenging because the cross border area needs integrated investments, developments those can be made only together. These developments process can be made only with helps of a joint institution.

Our objective after the establishment was to prepare for 2014-2020 financial programing period and we wanted to make well-known our development plans with the financing institutions. The bases of the development are: the agriculture, processing of agricultural products, renewables energies, sustainment of the creation of new jobs, social investments. Our aim is to create one dynamic area, able to self-sustaining and able to offer attractive life conditions and creation of an active economy. One of the basic element of development is the sustainment of expertise activities initiated by the NGOs in the field like the culture, tourism, traditions and history.

The strengths of the area are the followings: high quality agricultural lands, thermal waters, forests and the area soaring that “want to live”. The strengths is the existing partnership because 36 local public authorities works together for 2 years with the aim to obtain funding in the period 2014-2020. This funding can influence the development and future of the area for long term.

dr.Kres Tünde Tímea
                             director of Gate to Europe EGTC